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On counter date : 19th of May 2022
Orders can be placed : April 2022.

“It is easy to launch a new fragrance when there is no expectations. After B683 it took us three years with Quentin (Bisch) to come with Ganymede. We never thought it would be so successful and this only increased our stress when about to finalize a third fragrance. Encelade came from the will to write a new story about a sensual elegance full of wild and energy. A path into the jungle on the slope of a volcano. A powerful long-lasting partner to explore a beautiful wild an poetic world… A new planet in my mind, another moon from the solar system, another mythologic reference.

I am really eager to read or hear what you will think about it.  I truly hope you will be surprised, delighted and seduced!

Warmest thoughts from Paris,


In 2022, Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS invites you to discover a new planet. This fragrance is the reflection of an osmosis between strength and sensitivity. A soft mineral vetiver touch, enveloped in green leather and rhubarb. Take a break with this sweet poetry, named after the satellite of Saturn, Encelade, covered with water and icy snow but that could be dreamed with volcanoes and a luxuriant jungle.

Encelade is a natural satellite of Saturn, discovered in 1789, another bluish-colored planet covered with snow, fresh water and probably a seismic activity. Beside oneiric thought that Encelade could be one day covered by a green jungle, the mythologic figure embodies power, rebellion and character, the satellite represents freshness, sweetness and purity, it is this perfect balance that you will find in our new fragrance named Encelade.

In the mythology, Encelade, son of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranus (the Sky), is brought down by Athena after Giants attempt to climb Mount Olympus to reach the gods. Legend says he’s been buried under Sicily and that he still breath through the fumes and eruptions of Etna Volcano.

Encelade has been composed by perfumer Quentin Bisch.


Vincent Le Guen:
Alexia Ribes:


Copyrights Includes images from Aterrom: “Versailles, grandes eaux dans le bosquet de l’Encelade” – Dera: “Deep rain forest with mist tree day 1” – Wead: “Volcano Etna Eruption”.