Maison de Couture for Men

Originally from a textile family in northern France, Marc-Antoine Barrois seeks the art of simple luxury without ostentation but assuredly with finesse. After learning patterns, cutting and sewing, he designed his first collections, which he presented in Lille before joining the Dominique Sirop couture house. He then collaborated with Jean-Paul Gaultier at Hermès and Giambattista Valli before realizing that there was a real need for unique, creative and elegant pieces for men thanks to his experience designing a men’s collection at Jitrois.
Since 2009, Marc-Antoine Barrois has been offering a highly contemporary service, offering men what women already have in Haute Couture. From costumes to tuxedos, capes, coats and even jogging jackets in incredible materials/fabrics, Marc-Antoine Barrois makes his clients’ dreams come true in an extraordinary tradition of creation and outstanding expertise in his Parisian workshop.